Rent-an-island: Estonian style!

Now you can have this small island in the Baltic Sea all to yourself for your vacation! At this point your imagination probably takes you to the sunny Caribbean, picturing Hollywood celebrities sipping coctails on the beach of their private island… The one in Estonia… Not exactly in that category. 

Vahase Island is located just West of Abruka, a mere 30 min boat ride from the Estonian largest island Saaremaa. There are 4 houses for the vacationers’ use on the island, only one of them (main cottage) with running water and a bathroom. The rest of the buildings (small cottage, sauna-house and an old farmhouse) have facilities of a more basic kind. There is only 12V electricity on the island for TV and radio. The stoves and the fridge run on gas. There is a sauna as well, although you have to fetch the water yourself with a bucket from the well. The complex can accommodate a min of 4 to a max of 8 guests, the min stay is for 3 nights. They will allow only one “party”of people to the island at a time.

In the yard there is a outdoor „summer kitchen“ for preparing food and BBQ and an “nice” outhouse. Make sure your phone is charged before you come – there is mobile phone coverage. And that’s it – junipers, two big stones (one of them rated among the 20 biggest in Estonia), a little forest and pebble beach all around. And endless amounts of peace and tranquility.

Be sure to bring all the food and necessities you need as the corner store is quite a workout away… You’ll have a rowboat at your disposal – to get to Abruka, a bigger nearby island with actual civilization.

The night on the island will run around $100 per person. So as you do the math – the minimum stay of 3 days with the minimum occupancy of 4 will run you $1200 and a week from $2800. If it is a little or a lot for a private island adventure – that will be for you to decide! But surely it would be a very unique experience.  Pictures: Baltcott

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