United loses food fight and reinstates hot meals for transcontinental flights

United airlines had announced that from October 1st, 2008 they would discontinue offering hot meals for transatlantic economy class passengers, as a TEST, under the pressure of trying to keep up with the climbing fuel prices.

Fortunately – the airline decided to reinstate the meal service, mainly because of a wave of feedback that was rolling in, all from the dissatisfied customers not liking the prospect of dishing out $$$ for their overseas tickets – and paying restaurant prices for canteen food – or starving all the way over the ocean. In the letter to the customers they offer a “Thank you for your direct, candid feedback on the test we had planned to launch in the fourth quarter for food choices on some of our flights. We heard you and have decided not to move forward with the test of offering customers buy-on-board options in United Economy on certain trans-Atlantic flights.”

Good for you, United, for listening to your customers. Although the “test” question was a little bit of a no-brainer…

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