Chinese airport workers pushing an airplane

Here’s a Monday joke for you: How many Chinese airport workers does it take to push a 20-ton plane with 69 passengers and 7 crew? The answer: 30.

If you’re not laughing yet, it’s because it’s not actually a joke, but a true story. This week in Zhengzhou a CRJ7 plane landed with a faulty front hydraulic system, which apparently meant it couldn’t be attached to the tow truck. So airport officials sent out 30 staff to push the plane instead.

Two hours later, the 30 exhausted workers had pushed the plane less than half a mile but it was neatly out of the way and the passengers could disembark.

Some news sources have announced that it was actually the passengers who were forced to get out and push the plane… It sounds to me that the translation has gone a LITTLE overboard. 🙂  if something’s “too good” to be true – it probably is…

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