Tallinn Airport rated most punctual according to Lufthansa

Newly reconstructed Tallinn Airport

Newly reconstructed Tallinn Airport

Lufthansa has announced that the services provided to passengers and airlines by Tallinn Airport are the most punctual in the world. The Estonian airport’s services were the best out of 960 airports around the world to where Lufthansa flies. Criteria included the punctuality of flights, the speed and accuracy of registering flights, boarding, compliance with safety requirements and the characteristics of serving passangers.

“What is particularly positive is the fact that the result was achieved in an environment of limited possibilities – at a time when the new terminal in Tallinn was not yet completely ready for service,” noted the airport’s CEO Rein Loik.

Steve Woodward, the manager of Lufthansa Nordic and Baltic countries, said that giving the certificate to an Estonian company is extraordinary since it is the first time during his 30-year service.

Source: Äripäev

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