25 Strangest ever travel insurance claims

Travel insurance is a must wherever you go – it can save you a bundle as while out and about trotting the globe, you might get into some very unexpected situations. As you would imagine – strange situations might result in strange insurance claims, sometimes more bizarre than you could ever imagine! From wardrobe-raiding monkeys and camera-stealing dogs to a haircut gone bad, 84 kg of lost Bombay mix* and a “guitar made out of a pumpkin”…

My practice has seen only claims that have really helped out people in need – but there are all sorts of travellers in the world… As, according to one long-serving insurance underwriter, there have been more Rolex Oyster watches, worth upwards of £1,000, recorded as lost in the Costa Del Sol in the Spain than have ever been manufactured.

Here you can read about the 25 most bizarre travel insurance claims compiled from the files of just a couple of insurance companies in the UK. But don’t laugh too hard… You never know what’s ahead behind the next turn! 🙂

* Bombay mix is the name used in the UK for a traditional Indian snack known as chiwda or chevda (चिवडा) in India, or chanachur (চানাচুর) in east India and Bengal. The English name originates from the city of Bombay, now called Mumbai. It consists of a variable mixture of spicy dried ingredients, which may include fried lentils, peanuts, chickpea flour noodles, corn, vegetable oil, chickpeas, flaked rice, and fried onion. This is all flavoured with salt and a blend of spices that may include coriander and mustard seed.

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