Estonian Song & Dance Festival tickets on sale from November 1st!

The online sales for the Song & Dance Festival are announced to start from November 1st. The easiest way is to buy the tickets from

Here are some tips as quite a few of our readers find the purchasing procedures at the Piletilevi site confusing and hard to understand…

The basic instructions from the site are HERE

The easiest way is to choose for the delivery terms “pick up at sales office EEK 10” – this way you can purchase the ticket on the site using your credit card, print out the confirmation and pick up the actual tickets after your arrival in Estonia at any Piletilevi sales counter. Those can be found in most Selver, Maksimarket and Prisma supermarkets all over Estonia (mostly at the info desk), there are over 30 locations in Tallinn. Ticket pickup at Piletilevi vendors is very easy: you just show them the purchase confirmation printout and your ID – and they will print out the tickets for you on the spot. It costs 10 EEK per one order. You can buy 10 tickets in one order unless stated otherwise.

Printing the tickets out yourself in PDF-format (ZebraTicket) is free of charge, but you can do it only if you have an internet banking account in one of the major Estonian banks.

Getting the ticket delivered within Estonia costs 75 EEK, outside Estonia it is quite pricey.

NB! When paying by credit card, due to security reasons the internet sales finish about 6 days before the event and for the same reasons it is not possible to choose ZebraTicket (print yourself).

You can pick the festival events you want to see from the schedule:

Thu, 2.JUL
15.00 PILLIPIDU Raekoja platsil – Folk Music Celebration at Town Hall Square

Fri, 3.JUL
19.00 TANTSUPEO I ETENDUS Kalevi staadionil – I Concert of Dance Celebration on Kalev Stadium

Sat, 4.JUL
11.00 TANTSUPEO II ETENDUS Kalevi staadionil – II Concert of Dance Celebration on Kalev Stadium
14.00 LAULU- JA TANTSUPEO RONGKÄIK – Festive Parade from Vabaduse Square to Song Festival Grounds
19.00 LAULUPEO I KONTSERT Lauluväljakul – I Concert of Song Celebration on Song Festival Grounds

Sun, 5.JUL
11.00 TANTSUPEO III ETENDUS Kalevi staadionil – III Concert of Dance Celebration on Kalev Stadium
14.00 LAULUPEO II KONTSERT Lauluväljakul – II Concert of Song Celebration on the Song Festival Grounds


PLEASE NOTE: We are not associated with and are posting this link only because it is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase the tickets. For more info on all the ticket-buying-procedures please contact



Estonian Song & Dance Festival tickets on sale from November 1st! — 2 Comments

  1. I thought I am reasonably inteligent person, but I don’t seem to be inteligent enough to order the festival tickets. Sorry.

  2. I know… They have made it quite confusing.
    Here is the step-by-step instructions as I tried to do this myself…

    1. Register as a user with Piletilevi and sign in.
    2. Pull up the “Laulupidu” from the festivals list
    3. Choose the concert you would like to see and click on CHECK EVENT button. This will bring up the details for that concert.
    4. Click on the button that says BUY
    5. On the next screen click “Look at the plan” to see the seating map. Choose the section you would like to sit in.
    6. Choose the section, price and amount from drop-down menus.
    7. Click on OFFER TICKETS
    8. If you are pleased with the info this screen gives you, click on “add to cart”.
    9. You should see something like this: Shopping cart contains 1 tickets in the sum of 300.00 EEK
    10. Click on NEXT STEP button
    11. Choose the delivery terms. The easiest and least expensive thing is to choose “pick up at sales office”.
    12. Click on NEXT STEP and check if everything is listed correctly on the order.
    13. If you want to pay by credit card, click on the e-commerce button. Tickets paid by credit card will be issued only against the signature of the person listed as “Contact” on the order, you have to also present a picture ID at the ticket counter.
    14. Fill in the CC info, submit the payment and print out the confirmation!
    15. In Tallinn, go to the closest Piletilevi ticket counter and the tickets will be printed out for you on the spot.

    Hope this helps!