Big sun destination discounts: compare prices and taxes!

The last weeks have brought out lots of sales in the vacation package department. As usual, the deals are there to be had for the pre-Christmas season, from November until mid-December. This year the discounted packages are starting really low – I have seen all-inclusives advertised from $178 + taxes.

But here’s a little catch: when looking through the price offers – keep in mind that every tour operator seems to make up their own taxes these days… It used to be so that for every destination the taxes were the same as they were really the airport taxes and the amount depended on the flight routing. Now the operators add fuel and other different surcharges into the tax amount. This year I have seen package taxes for one destination range from $199 to $368 CAD. So when looking at the prices printed out big-and-red, look at the tax amount behind them and do the comparison from there!

Also – once the prices are in an affordable range – choose a property that has at least a 4-star rating. The extra $100-or-so difference from 3* to 4* can make an enormous difference in the quality of your vacation!

Deals are offered by all major Canadian tour operators including Signature, Nolitours, Sunquest, etc.

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