Travel info for the Estonian Song Festival 2009

Finally – something lots of people have been waiting for! We have posted some travel info about the XXV Üldlaulupidu ja VIII Üldtantsupidu 2009 (Estonian Song- and Dance Festival 2009). 

The suppliers are still stalling with the 2009 pricing but we managed to put together some package programs to show you some possibilities for accommodation in Estonia and Tallinn. This is by far not everything we offer, we will be happy to help you customize your trip to Estonia! 

Besides the traditional hotel accommodation we offer “Residence packages” that should be of interest to families and groups of friends travelling together.

Another interesting option is our “Self-Drive” tours where you can see Estonia at your own pace. Small inns in scenic locations, spas and manor house accommodation can be are surprisingly affordable!

You can visit our SONG FESTIVAL TRAVEL INFO PAGE to take a closer look at the possibilities!

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