Thai tourism officials accommodate foreign tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand says the Thai government is “very concerned about the welfare and safety of all foreign nationals in the country” in the wake of anti-government demonstrations that, among other things, have closed Bangkok’s airport and “all relevant government agencies and private sector associations were providing facilitation in the form of accommodation, meals, etc.” to those unable to leave the country. Furthermore, the government will try to reopen Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports as soon as possible, the tourism authority says. “All other locations, tourist destinations and attractions nationwide are not being affected by this situation and are very safe for travel purposes,” says the tourism authority. The 35 TAT local offices have been told to facilitate tourists travelling at the various tourist destinations in Thailand, as well as those who are waiting for flights at provincial airports. For tourists and travellers who haven’t been able to travel to their destination as planned, the TAT and Ministry of Tourism and Sports have provided accommodation and meals, as well as “facilitated tourists as much as possible until they are able to return to their destination.” ( ,

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