Canada and EU negotiate air transportation deal!

Canada and the European Union (EU) has successfully completed negotiations on a groundbreaking air transportation deal. Canadian transport minister, John Baird commented that: “The successful conclusion of air transport negotiations with the European Union is another step forward in our ongoing efforts to facilitate growth in trade, investment and tourism for Canadian business.” Baird said that “In these uncertain times, closer global partnerships will help stimulate our economy and expand commercial links. This is why our government celebrates this historic air transport agreement with the EU, which will open access to all 27 Member States for Canadian carriers and all points in Canada for EU carriers.”
The new agreement, which is consistent with Canada’s Blue Sky policy and current Canadian legislation, allows the development of new markets, new services and greater competition.
It includes unrestricted direct air services between Canada and EU Member States; flexible pricing arrangements; and improved flexibility for cargo.
As well, the deal covers eight EU Member States (Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia) with which Canada did not previously have air agreements.
The EU is Canada’s second largest bilateral aviation, trade and investment market.

So – what will that exactly mean for the traveller? Potentially new direct flight connections from Canada to various European destinations and code-sharing agreements!  

Could that mean a direct flight from Toronto to Tallinn? Not likely, but it could mean more options of getting from Toronto to Tallinn with different carrier combinations that would price in the GDS systems as a throughfare.

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