KLM Spring Seatsale Tallinn-Toronto: from $420 CAD + tax

KLM has come out with a new seatsale from Europe to Toronto. As the Tallinn-Toronto airfares have been quite high recently, then I thought I would spread this good news to you as well!

A ticket over the ocean for $420+tax … Wow! That sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? But careful here… as unfortunately the taxes and fees that are tagged to the transatlantic airline tickets are getting quite ridiculous – and the airlines have to make their base fares REALLY LOW in order to stay in the competition. It has become quite the new game – as the taxes and fuel surcharges are actually MORE than the ticket itself!

BUT – if you look at the big picture and compare prices, then it is still pretty good!

Tallinn-Amsterdam-Toronto, RT, from $420 CAD + taxes $552 CAD = $972 CAD per passenger
Helsinki-Amsterdam-Toronto, RT, from $359 CAD + taxes $536 CAD = $895 CAD per passenger

The rules of this seatsale are as follows:

Travel starting from: 15 January, 2009
Travel to be finished by: 16 June, 2009
Maximum stay: 30 days
Minimum stay: over Saturday night
Last date to purchase ticket: 02 February, 2009

This offer is subject to seat availability at the time of booking. There is only limited number of seats for this price on all flights.

Contact us for further details!

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