Seatsales bring some spring into the air!

The new year has just started – and some good deals are already brightening the day of the travelers!

It will be interesting to see how the pricing is going to turn out with the turns and twists of our ever-changeing economy. The actual airfares sound very good – but the taxes are still the fact that makes travel expensive. Some airlines are dropping fuel surcharges, but we haven’t seen any drastic changes in that department.

Still… there are some deals out there to be taken advantage of. For example, you can fly to Paris, France from Toronto and Montreal from approx. $300 CAD – plus the taxes (of course), of close to $500 CAD.

Airfare specials to some other European cities run around $400-450 CAD with taxes vary from $350 to $500 CAD. All fares depend on the actual travel dates and are subject to availability at the time of booking! 

We are waiting for some seatsale offers to Europe from KLM and Lufthansa as well.

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