Pädaste Manor Hotel on Muhu Island earns 5 stars

A commission operating with the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association has, as expected, given the hotel and spa Padaste Manor five stars. With this, Padaste Manor becomes the first hotel outside the Estonian capital Tallinn to get a five-star rating. Its business director, Martin Breuer, said that receiving the rating is the best acknowledgement of the top-quality service the Padaste team strives to offer.

Pädaste Manor is idyllically located at Pädaste bay on Muhu Island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Western Estonia. Muhu Island is a comfortable 2-hour drive and 1/2 hour easy ferry ride away from the capital Tallinn. 

The earliest written history of Pädaste Manor dates back to 1566 when Estonia was under the Danish rule. The original manor site and buildings date back to the 14th century, some of these ancient walls are still visible at the very heart of the house. In the latter part of the 19th century the house was enlarged considerably and given a new façade, hence the harmonious dimensions and clean lines which give the house it’s character today.

In the late 19th century Baron Axel von Buxhoeveden had, as the Imperial Hunting Master an influential position at the court of Czar Nicholas II. Together with his wife Charlotte, heiress to the Siemens company, he brought a touch of worldly splendour to the sleepy Muhu Island.
Von Buxhoeveden renovated his manors in Kuivastu and Pädaste. He took a special interest in landscaping; whenever he traveled abroad he would bring back rare species, they until today make up the beautiful variety at the park of Pädaste Manor. The summers at Pädaste became cultural delights as Charlotte brought artists and musicians in her company when she moved with her entourage from St. Petersburg to Muhu for the summer.  In the winter of 1919 Axel von Buxhoeveden was brutally assassinated by revolutionaries while on his way from Pädaste Manor to the mainland. Charlotte von Siemens fled to Brandenburg the next day. Seven hundred years of family presence on Muhu that had started with their forefather Albert von Buxhoeveden’s conquest of the Island in 1227 came to an abrupt end. After years of neglect during the Soviet period in which the use of the manor alternated between army headquarter, fish distribution center and home for the elderly until its abandonment in the early 80’s, in 1996 a decision was made to restore Pädaste Manor to new splendour, with the goal to create one of the finest hotels in the Baltic countryside. And this goal has been fulfilled with enormous success!

The Manor ensemble is set amidst a 7 hectare landscaped park surrounded by 22 hectares of meadows & forests. The estate is surrounded by centuries old iron stone walls, partly overgrown with moss. Five 19th Century iron stone buildings join the stately Manor in a horse shoe shape, opening up to the Baltic Sea.
The shoreline gives way to astonishing views of the bay with its islets and untouched coastland. 

The centre of the majestic hotel complex is the Manor House with its 14 rooms and suites that has undergone an extensive two-year restoration, bringing back the dignity and nobility the house had held for centuries. The Carriage House was once the home of the Barons’ riding-horses and coaches. The building has been renovated with much attention to detail and now houses 9 well appointed rooms and suites, each suite has a private balcony overlooking the park and sea.

The 140 m2 Private Farm House is a historical 18th century log house with a thatched roof, where the caretaker of the estate used to convey with the labourers to assign the daily works. After a delicate restoration the building has retained many of its original features and soul. It is located in a secluded corner of the property amidst an apple orchard. In the Farm House our guests will be able to enjoy the use of two Master Bedrooms with adjacent bath rooms, The Farm House has a living area with a fireplace, a cosy library with a verandah and a secluded private garden.

The hotel has a luxurious spa and is famous for its gourmet dining: Restaurand Alexander serves breakfast and dinner – and lunch and afternoon drinks are served at the Sea House Terrace.

This hotel is a gem for travellers looking for elegance and top quality service in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, located in the uniquely picturesque settings of the glorious Estonian countryside!



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