Baltia Air Lines: Direct flights from US to the Baltics?

Baltia Airlines logo - with the happy rooster!

Baltia Airlines logo - with the happy rooster!

The New York-based Baltia Air Lines announced that it has made agreements to acquire its first Boeing 747 airplane. The firm plans to become the US’s leading aviation company flying to Eastern Europe. The as-yet unspecified schedule will accordingly start flights between the largest US cities and Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Minsk and Kiev.

Their business plan is not to go “no frills” like JetBlue or Southwest Airlines – but to offer quality service in First, Business and Economy classes while cutting flight times from the traditional 11-18 hours with connections to approx. 8 hours by flying direct.

On their web site you can see the following announcement: Baltia is a US startup airline. No ticket sales are currently available. This service is subject to receipt of government operating authority.

It will be very interesting to see if they can pull off the unprecedented and connect the Baltics to the great cities on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

For more detailed information, read the interesting research collected into the blog article Baltia Airlines, the 20 year old startup. Thanks, Tom, for doing all the great research!

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