Air Canada to US: No bags onboard!

Carry-on baggage banned from flights from Canada to US until further notice.

Air Canada and Jazz remind customers that new security measures imposed by Canadian and U.S. government authorities on flights from Canada to the U.S. remain in effect until further notice. As a result of these rules there are strict limits in effect for carry-on articles allowed in the cabin and longer security screening times at airports.Air Canada advises passengers that the new regulations do not permit carry-on bags on flights to the United States, with only limited personal items allowed in the cabin.

To accommodate customers travelling to the U.S., Air Canada is waiving excess baggage charges for checked baggage on a temporary basis for U.S.-bound customers travelling from Canada. These customers will be permitted to check one additional item of baggage within allowable weight and size limits at no additional charge until further notice. For example, regular economy passengers will be permitted up to three checked bags weighing 23 kg (50 lb) each.

You are allowed to bring onboard 1 or more personal items
– max. 10kg (22lb)
– max. 25cm x 30cm x 20cm (10in x 12in x 8in)

The allowed items include:

  • small purse
  • book, magazine
  • small electronic device such as cell phone or MP3 player
  • diaper bag
  • laptop computer
  • camera
  • musical instrument
  • cane, crutches, walker, special needs item
  • medical device
  • medication
  • When travelling from the U.S., normal allowance applies both for carry-on and checked baggage. Please arrive to the airport WELL AHEAD OF TIME to allow for the possible extra time for heightened security checks and searches.

    From December 2009 Air Canada implemented a new policy for checked baggage that applies to transatlantic flights to Europe etc. They allow 1 free bag with a max. weight of  23kg (50lb)
    per bag and max. linear dimensions of 158cm (62in). Passengers can check in a 2nd bag for $50 CAD.

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