Secure Flight Passenger Data: No flying without it!

The abbreviation SFPD (Secure Flight Passenger Data) has become familiar for the travel agent community already a while ago, since the start of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight program in 2009. Under the Secure Flight program, the TSA requires airlines to collect and transmit to TSA the SFPD that is prescreened against government watch lists for domestic and international flights. Therefore, it requires all airlines domestic and international flying to or from a U.S. destination or through U.S. airspace to transmit SFPD regardless of the distribution channel through which the reservation is booked. Additionally, it applies to all U.S. based airlines regardless of where they fly globally. From November 1st things will become tougher for all the flying passengers.

Beginning November 1, 2010, ticketed passenger reservations without full SFPD will be subject to sanctions by the airlines. All the flight reservation files for international travel have to have the following up-to-date passenger information:

1. Complete passenger name EXACTLY as it appears in the passport or government issued ID used for travel.
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. Passport number, issuing country and expiry date
5.  Home address contact phone number

If one is travelling to the US, then it is necessary to have the address in the US where the passenger will be staying.

All this information has to EXACTLY and COMPLETELY match the information on the passport and on the ticket and it has to be on the file at the latest 72 hours before departure. Without this information the airline can cancel the file – or for example the name on the ticket does not exactly match the name on the passport, the passenger can be delayed at check-in or even denied boarding.  

We will be re-confirming all the information with each and every passenger before making the reservation, the best thing is to send all the info to us beforehand by e-mail.

So please – before planning your travel, dig out your passports and check the names, middle names, initials etc. – as a lot of people go by a certain name in the everyday life – but have a different name in their official documents. By doing this you can avoid yourself all the potential hassle at the airport!

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