Estonia: Flight options from Canada in 2011

Estonian winter 2011

Seems like the airlines are coming out of their recession troubles, as we see new routes popping up for European travel…

Here are some updates on getting to Estonia for the 2011 season!

FINNAIR: Canadians and Canadian Estonians travel to Tallinn usually during the summer – when you can get a convenient flight with Finnair from Toronto via Helsinki. The direct Toronto-Helsinki Finnair flights are already in the system and as far as we can see, they will run 5 times a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun) from May 26th until September 11th in 2011, before and after that Finnair customers have to travel from Toronto to London or New York and from there on to Helsinki – and then to Tallinn. The flight times ot of Toronto have been pushed into the evening, so connections to Tallinn that caused grief to so many of our passengers a couple of years ago seem to be working better now.

FINNAIR prices for the shoulder season travel (26 MAY to 25 JUN and 10 AUG to 11 SEP departures) start from CAD $675 + taxes ca 300 for the Toronto-Tallinn return trip. During high season (26 JUN to 09 AUG departures) the prices start from CAD $910 + taxes ca 300. These prices work for stays for up to 30 days. Finnair has only a limited number of the lowest-priced seats on each flight, so the prices will go higher as the flights fill up.

LUFTHANSA has a direct flight to Frankfurt from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Unfortunately their flights do not connect the same day on the way back from Tallinn. But there is a new option to use Munich as the transfer point on the return. Or in case you don’t mind an overnight in Frankfurt – you could try that route and earn some Aeroplan points at the same time.

AIR CANADA has once again opened their direct routing Toronto-Copenhagen – with pretty good connections onward to Tallinn with Estonian Air and SAS. However, this combination usually needs to be issued on 2 separate tickets.

KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES connections work again from Toronto with the Amsterdam-Tallinn segment operated by Estonian Air.

LOT POLISH AIRLINES has once again restored the connections to Tallinn via Warsaw couple of times a week.

ICELANDAIR flights can be used via reykjavik to Helsinki and then you can take a short flight or a boat-ride over to Tallinn – but that of course is extra hassle. But if you want to see the Finnish capital as well, then it might not be a bad combination.

AUSTRIAN AIRLINES and CZECH AIRLINES used to connect to Tallinn – but not any more: Austrian cancelled the Tallinn flights in 2008 and Czech Airlines dropped Toronto from their destination list in 2009.

There are other ways as well to get to Estonia from Canada. If you are adventurous enough, we can find you a charter flight to London, Frankfurt or Hamburg – and continue with Estonian Air to Tallinn. This way it is usually quite hard to make the connections fit with the lowest rates (unless you are very lucky!) but it would be suitable for example to someone intending to stop over in London.

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