Here are a few questions that people ask about our company and our web site:

What is travelmoments.ca?   Travelmoments.ca is a web site that we built as a means of keeping in contact with our clients and giving them up-to date news and interesting stories from the world of travel.

What is your connection to Ultra Travel / Kemp travel Group?   We work as home-based independent travel agents and make our bookings under Ultra Travel. When you buy a ticket from us, you buy it from Ultra Travel. All the ticketing, payment and accounting procedures are done in our Whitby Head office and tickets are sent out from there as well. Your purchases are covered by TICO, the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund.

How can you work from home?   Very easily! Basically all we need is a computer with an internet connection. Through the internet we can securely log onto the Ultra Travel reservation system, so that we can see the exact same computer screen as the Ultra Travel staff sees at the office. We make the bookings from our end – and tickets are printed out at the office from the same file. It is as easy as us sitting in the next room! For convenient communications we have a Toronto phone number at our home office so that most of our customers can reach us with no long distance costs – or we can call our customers back wherever they are in North America. We also use Skype and most of all – EMAIL… Isn’t technology amazing!

Does it cost me extra money to buy a ticket from you as compared to the Ultra Travel / Kemp Travel Group office or any other agency?   Absolutely not! We have negotiated contracts with a lot of our suppliers and our service fees are very competitive as compared to other agencies. And if you for some reason cannot reach us for an urgent travel-related matter, then the helpful staff at the Ultra Travel office will be just a phonecall away.

Do you offer any online booking options? Not at this time. The goal of our web site is to give you ideas and inspiration for your travel plans – and some interesting reading about how travel really works… For any booking needs please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP! Please be sure to include as much details as possible (dates, destinations, budget, special requests).

What happens after I send in a booking inquiry? We might send you some additional questions and after we have all the required information, we will send you some options with prices. Once you approve one of the options, we will make a booking for you (put a seat on hold, make a hotel reservation etc). Usually we send you an e-mail confirming the details, including the dates and price of the services and payment deadline. On some airlines we cannot hold the seat and have to put on the payment at the time of booking. After the payment has gone through, all the necessary documents (the receipt of your invoice and your e-tickets, vouchers etc.) will be mailed to your home address.

What kind of information do you need for a booking?   In order to make a booking, we need the names of all passengers exactly as they appear in their passports and the mailing address, contact phone number & e-mail of the “lead passenger”. It is good to have birth dates for everyone (that is a must for insurance quotes and children under 12). You can note also your seatwishes on the plane (aisle or window) and if you require any special meals (vegetarian, etc) or assistance (wheelchair, etc). For hotel bookings made in our res system we need a credit card number with exp. date to guarantee the room. If we book a hotel through a contract we usually don’t need the CC number at the time of reservation.

What forms of payment do you accept?   The easiest is to pay by credit card (VI, MC, AX) as we generally can take the card number and exp. date over the phone. Some suppliers request a signed authorization form for CC payments. For some services there is a 3% credit card processing or “vendor” fee that we have to apply – but most tickets can be issued against CC payment without any extra CC fees. You can also pay by Cheque. CHQ-s should be made out to Ultra Travel and delivered or sent to our head office in Oshawa, ON. Cash payments can be accepted only at the Oshawa office.

What do I do with the electronic ticket?   Please see our FAQ post about e-tickets.

Do you sell travel insurance?   Of course! Travel insurance is an essential part of travel arrangements. First we ask our clients to find out if they have any coverage of their own through their work or credit card conmpany. For travel we recommend Medical coverage (for travel abrouad and even out of province in Canada) – and another popular item is cancellation/interruption insurance. Usually an insurance package is the best deal, but sometimes it works better to buy the products separately. Insurance costs generally depend on the traveller’s age, health situation, duration of the trip and the non-refundable portion of the travel services. Call us to discuss the best options for your trip! We offer RBC Travel Insurance because they have reliable coverage, competitive rates and the biggest world support network in Canada.

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